she makes her own dystopia as she goes (bedlamsbard) wrote,
she makes her own dystopia as she goes

I submitted my sixth and final (U.S.) grad school app today, but I have no idea if any of the auxiliary materials were sent -- well, my transcripts were sent but I don't know when the Leicester one will arrive, but ETS doesn't actually tell me if they've actually sent the GRE score reports I ordered, and none of my recommenders have told me anything so I'm not sure they actually got the rec request from LSU, let alone sent the recs. NONE OF THEM. THIS IS TERRIFYING.

Like, there is so much money involved in grad school apps, and also entire future. So this is the kind of terrifying stress that's both entirely out of my hands now and also nauseating.

(Also, like, I swear to god the websites for the programs I applied to had their application dates in order of how incompetent their websites/application forms are, because this one was the worst.)

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Tags: my life
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